Weaver Green Cushions

Weaver Green Cushions

Enhance Your Home With Weaver Green Cushions

Offering the perfect balance between style, comfort and sustainability, Weaver Green cushions make a beautiful addition to any home. Here at Kayu Home, we’re delighted to offer a wide range of textile products for your home, including cushions. Weaver Green’s cushions are just that little bit different and although they feel just as soft as cotton or wool, they are made from recycled plastic bottles. Ideal for use throughout your home and garden, cushions by Weaver Green are water-resistant, stain-resistant, machine washable and perfect for creating welcoming living spaces.

Cushions Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles!

It’s hard to believe that Weaver Green's cushions are made from recycled plastic bottles because they’re so soft and comfortable! Rather than allowing discarded plastic bottles - which can take hundreds of years to decompose - to end up in landfill, Weaver Green uses an ingenious process which takes shredded plastic from the bottles and transforms it into touchable, soft yarn with similar properties to wool or cotton.

Weaver Green’s consideration for the environment doesn’t end there though; their products are designed to have as minimal an impact as possible. Their textiles are made using long strands of yarn to ensure strength and durability, whilst also minimising the risk of microfibres from shedding. In addition, although Weaver Green products are machine washable, in reality, they only need to be deep cleaned very occasionally.

So, if you’re looking for cushions and textiles that will help you create a beautiful home but are kind to the environment, we think Weaver Green offers the ideal solution.

Weaver Green Cushions at Kayu Home

At Kayu Home we now offer our customers a range of gorgeous Weaver Green cushions, available in a captivating collection that blends comfort with sustainability, offering a luxurious yet environmentally friendly option for enhancing any of the living spaces in your home or garden

Crafted from yarn made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, these cushions are soft and comfortable, mimicking the feel of wool and cotton, and with practical features such as stain and water resistance. This unique composition makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring they can withstand various elements without compromising on style or comfort.

Our Weaver Green collection includes a variety of sizes, colours, designs, and types, including sofa cushions and scatter cushions. Our selection allows for a wide array of decorating possibilities, from transforming a living room sofa into a cosy retreat to adding a touch of elegance to garden furniture. The cushions come in an array of designs, from monochrome to traditional, Moroccan to Turkish, and even classic stripes and checks, ensuring there's a style to suit every taste and interior design theme.

Weaver Green's cushion collection offers a sustainable, stylish, and practical solution for enhancing the comfort and appearance of your home, patio or garden. Whether used to add a splash of colour to a bedroom, increase the comfort of a living room, or make outdoor seating more inviting, these cushions are a brilliant example of quality, sustainability, and design.


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