About our Materials

Our Vintage and Antique Collections

One of the most effective ways to furnish your home in a sustainable way is to choose vintage or antique furniture rather than buying new pieces that use up precious resources. Our wide range of restored antiques, vintage and pre-loved furniture is sourced from around Asia and Europe, carefully updated and restored by skilled craftsmen to breathe fresh life into furniture that has decades of character.

Our Handcrafted Furniture

Our newly made, exclusive furniture ranges are made from reclaimed timbers salvaged from disused buildings. The old beams, joists and struts are repurposed, dried and cut to size ready for use by skilled carpenters to produce the cabinets, tables and chests of our beautiful collections. The woods include elm, poplar, pine, teak and mango wood - each with a unique look and feel and with a natural character that is enhanced by their former use.

Joinery and Construction

The majority of furniture we offer is produced exlusively for us, imported direct from small ateliers and workshops in Asia that we have developed a close relationship with over many years. Each item is produced by hand using traditonal techniques, often with a single carpenter creating an item from start to finish. The reclaimed, natural materials we use all have their own special character, so that each item is in some way unique.

Much of our furniture uses frame and panel joinery, with traditional mortise and tenon joints and large dovetails used to secure each part of a cabinet, table or trunk. The look is one of chunky, solid, robust furniture with an emphasis on the beauty of the natural timbers and materials used in its construction.


Elm is prevalent in northern China, where it is known locally as 'Yumu'. It has been a popular resource for furniture making for centuries due to its attractive, wide patterned grain. Our elm furniture is made from salvaged beams taken from old buildings in and around Shandong province in China. These are then turned by skilled carpenters into our gorgeous sideboards and dining tables, given a natural, water base finished that brings out the beauty of the material.

Similar to elm but with a less attractive grain, poplar is a durable, stable wood that takes paint and other finishes very well. We use it for some our dark stained furniture, including our chocolate and charcoal furniture.

Our blue and black furniture, along with selected other pieces, is produced from chunky, reclaimed pine. Relatively soft and easy to work with, pine is an extremely popular wood for furniture making, especially for rustic or country style interiors.

A durable hardwood that is abundant throughout South East Asia, Teak is highly resistant to both insects and decay and is a popular choice for furniture. It is able to withstand extremes in temperature and is therefore not only great indoors but can also be used outdoors - perfect for alfreso dining and seating. The teak we use is sourced from traditional houses in Indonesia that are being demolished to make way for more modern homes.

Mango Wood
The mango trees used for our furniture are grown initially for their fruit, but after the trees stop producing they are cut down to be used for furniture and other wooden products. The farmers who produce them are therefore able to benefit from a supplementary income from the old trees, replanting new ones to replace them to create an ongoing, sustainable source of wood.

The leather upholstery used for our furniture is a bi-product from the food industry, sourced from goat herds that are farmed by local herdsmen in India. The leather is dyed using vegetable extract and tree bark, with only tradtional treatments used so that the material maintains its individual character. This also means that colour and finish will enrich further over time. To care for the leather, wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth and avoid the used of chemicals or household cleaners.

Jute is a rain fed crop that rarely needs pesticides or fertilser. As a natural vegetable fibre, it can be spun into thick, coarse threads that are strong and flexible. It is used not only for some of our rugs and baskets but also as a tough fabric covering for some of our armchairs and ottomans.

Recycled Plastic
Our Weaver Green rugs are made from 100% recycled plastic, with around 3000 plastic bottles going into the production of each rug. As soft and comfortable as wool to the touch and machine washable, they are both insect and water resistant, making them ideal for indoors, out on a terrace or even as camping rugs.