Rustic reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Rustic reclaimed wood furniture for all homes and interiors

With weathered good looks and an authentic appearance, reclaimed wood is the perfect material for creating stylish and timeless furniture. At Kayu Home, we offer a wide range of rustic reclaimed wood furniture, designed to offer a collection of beautiful pieces for your home or garden. From tables and cabinets to wardrobes and outdoor seating, breathing new life into reclaimed wood is a sustainable and stylish way to make the most of this lovely natural material.

Reclaiming the natural beauty of wood

Most of our furniture is created especially for us and is imported directly from small workshops and ateliers in Asia. Items are produced by hand using traditional skills and techniques which have been passed down for generations, and items are often made by just one craftsman who works on an item throughout the process. As such, our reclaimed wood furniture has a unique and authentic look you simply won’t find in mass-produced pieces.

We believe that using reclaimed wood offers a number of benefits and is a sustainable way to reuse a natural material which would have otherwise gone to waste. Our reclaimed timbers are salvaged from disused buildings; old joists, struts and beams are ideal for reclamation. Before being transformed into the beautiful furniture you see today, the wood is dried before being cut to size, ready for our skilled carpenters to create tables, chairs, chests and more.

We use a range of different types of reclaimed timber including poplar, elm, pine, mango wood and teak. Each boasts its own unique feel and look, with a natural character that simply gets better over time. As such, choosing rustic reclaimed wood furniture for your home is a wonderful way to enjoy furniture you’ll love for decades to come.

Reclaimed elm wood has long been popular with Chinese craftsmen and is appreciated for its attractive and wide-patterned grain. Our reclaimed elm furniture is created from beams which have been salvaged from old buildings in China’s Shandong province. Poplar has similar properties to elm and is robust and resistant to atmospheric changes. Poplar’s grain isn’t as attractive as elm so we often use it to create stained wood furniture.

Reclaimed pine is another excellent wood for furniture making because it is relatively soft and therefore easy to work with. Chunky pine beams and joists are ideal for rustic reclaimed wood furniture and is used to create our stunning blue and black furniture. Teak is incredibly durable and because it is able to withstand significant variations in temperature, is ideal for outdoor furniture. Our reclaimed teak is sourced from Indonesia where it is salvaged from old houses which are to be demolished to make way for new build properties.

Last and by no means least, over recent decades mango wood has become extremely popular for furniture making and is ideal for creating beautiful pieces of distinctive furniture. To ensure sustainability the mango wood we use has been harvested from old trees which no longer bear fruit and are felled before being replaced with new trees.

Kayu Home for rustic reclaimed wood furniture

Here at Kayu Home we offer a stunning range of stylish rustic reclaimed wood furniture. Perfect for creating a relaxing country-style interior, or for contrasting with contemporary pieces in your home, rustic reclaimed wood furniture is ideal for enhancing your living spaces. Our furniture collections are available to order from our website for direct delivery to your home.

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