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Vintage furniture in modern decor

Juxtaposing vintage furniture with modern decor

One of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home is to choose vintage or antique furniture. The production of new furniture uses vast amounts of resources, and these needn’t be utilised when existing pieces have use in them. Our...

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Mirrors - creating light and space

Creating light and space with mirrors

Most of us have a few strategically placed mirrors around our homes; vanity mirrors above bathroom sinks for toilette rituals, full length by the door to check our appearance as we leave the house for example. Mirrors shouldn’t be discounted...

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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Stylish and Sustainable Dining Decor

With lockdown restrictions easing we can finally enjoy meeting up indoors and outside with family and friends, so now is a great time to start planning get-togethers over a barbeque or home-cooked meal. The Kayu Home range offers a huge...

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Vintage furniture and how covid is changing our homes

How is Covid changing our homes?

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. In a previous blog post, we looked how Covid has made us appreciate our outside space. Now, we’ll look at how it has affected the way we feel about our homes....

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Sustainable Living and Vintage Furniture

The Focus on Sustainable Living

The climate crisis has made us all aware of the importance of adopting greener, healthier, and more sustainable practices in everything we do. Industries across the globe are responding to the demand for more ethical and sustainable goods and for furniture manufacturers this means careful...

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living - what's your style?

One of the many impacts of Covid is our newfound appreciation for outside space. Covid has made people reconsider where they want to spend their time. Estate agents have seen a surge of interest in properties with gardens and those...

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Brave Ground Dulux colour of the year 2021

Brave Ground - the Dulux colour of the year 2021

Each year a team of colour and interior design experts, architects and trend forecasters from across the globe work with Dulux to discuss current worldwide trends and to agree on a single colour that reflects the mood of the moment. Recently announced as...

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Vintage and Antique Asian Furniture Trend

The growing trend for vintage and antique

There’s a nostalgic vibe in the world of interiors at present, with many of us exploring vintage and antique furniture as a way to bring a unique, eclectic look to our homes whilst minimising the use of the earth's precious...

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Mixing modern and rustic interior styles

Interior Trends : Mixing modern and rustic styles

Your home is your personal haven, a space to relax and enjoy, with furniture that feels comfortable and inviting such as sumptuous sofas and hearty tables to gather around. While trends may have moved on from the shabby chic, full rustic look of...

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