Reclaimed Pine Furniture

Reclaimed Pine Furniture

Discover The Charm Of Reclaimed Pine Furniture

At Kayu Home, we offer a wide range of beautiful reclaimed pine furniture available in a selection of stunning designs to suit all homes and interiors. From chunky modern furniture inspired by loft-style living to pieces designed to replicate the charm of antique country-style furniture, our collections offer something for everyone. Choosing furniture made from reclaimed wood is not only a great way to breathe new life into a timeless natural material, but repurposed pine is also perfectly suited to making striking furniture for contemporary homes. From imposing sideboards and console tables to dining tables and shelving, our reclaimed pine furniture collections offer a wide choice of stunning items.

Why re-use pine for furniture?

Not only is pinewood beautiful it’s practical too. Because it’s relatively soft in comparison to other woods it’s easy to work with and has long been a popular choice with furniture makers and craftsmen.

We think that reclaimed pine is the ideal material for contemporary furniture as it’s ideal for creating the chunky, rustic or country-style furniture that’s sought after today. In addition, there’s more to reclaimed pine than looks alone and by reusing this wonderful material, you’ll be breathing new life into something that would have otherwise gone to waste. Our exclusive pine furniture collections are made from reclaimed timber which has been saved from disused buildings. It can be hard to believe, but many of the beautiful pieces you see on our website were once old beams, struts and joists.

We are proud to work with a team of talented and highly experienced carpenters who use their expertise to produce the gorgeous reclaimed pine furniture which forms such an important part of our collections. They take the old pine struts, joints and beams and once they have been dried and cut to size, transform them into the elegant furniture you see today.

The majority of our reclaimed pine furniture is produced for us and is handmade in small Asian workshops, several of which we have worked with for many years. Items are made using traditional joinery techniques handed down through the generations, and the reclaimed pine wood used has its very own unique character.

Furniture made from reclaimed pine has a special appeal which makes it ideal for contemporary interiors. Blending beautifully with modern furniture, homewares and accessories, the natural charm of reclaimed pine is showcased perfectly by simple, elegant pieces inspired by mid-century or country-style design.

Kayu Home for stunning pine furniture

Our collections of reclaimed pine furniture include gorgeous pieces you’ll want to include in your home. From stunning sideboards with lots of practical storage space, to dining tables, perfect for gathering around with friends and family, reclaimed pine furniture is ideally suited to effortless contemporary design.

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