Reclaimed Elm Furniture

Reclaimed Elm Furniture

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Thanks to its distinctive grain which has an unusually wide pattern, elm wood has been popular with furniture makers for many centuries. At Kayu Home, we love furniture made from elm and think that it is the perfect material for creating beautiful contemporary and traditional pieces alike. Our stunning collections of reclaimed elm furniture combine good looks with sustainability, offering a wonderful range of items to enhance your living spaces.

Harnessing the beauty of reclaimed elm

Elm wood is widely used in northern China where it is often referred to as ‘Yumu’. As elm has long been a popular resource in building and furniture making, we are now able to repurpose beams which have been salvaged from old buildings in the Shandong province and surrounding areas. This wood is ideally suited to creating beautiful furniture: the stunning results speak for themselves and can be seen in our range of gorgeous pieces including tables, sideboards and more.

Our reclaimed elm furniture is given a natural, water-based finish which helps to bring out the natural beauty and rich patina of the wood. As you’ll see, our elm wood furniture showcases this perfectly in the surfaces of our tables, wardrobes and sideboards.

Reclaimed elm has a timeless appeal which makes it eminently suitable for contemporary and more traditional interiors alike. With pieces ranging in colour from natural elm wardrobes and cabinets for a clean, modern look, to the darker shades of wood used to make our rustic, farmhouse-style furniture, our reclaimed elm furniture collections offer something for all homes and interiors.

In a contemporary setting, elm wood furniture is a perfect statement piece that brings warmth and organic textures to a minimalistic setting. Its robust form, distinctive grain and timeless appeal can effectively bridge the gap between modern aesthetics and natural elements.

For traditional interiors, elm wood furniture complements the classic and more ornate elements often seen in such designs. The rich textures and earthy tones of the wood coordinate beautifully with traditional fabrics and patterns, enhancing the overall warmth and inviting feel of the room.

Whether used as a focal-point coffee table in a sleek, modern living room or as a farmhouse dining table set in a cosy, vintage-style kitchen, our reclaimed elm furniture is a versatile choice for all interiors.

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Our beautiful and ever-changing collections of furniture, homewares and accessories are available to order for direct delivery to your home. From reclaimed furniture and vintage and antique Asian pieces, our diverse range offers a stunning choice of pieces, carefully curated to help you create stylish and welcoming interiors.

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