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Soft and luxurious Weaver Green throws

Weaver Green offers a range of beautiful throws made from recycled materials in a collection of gorgeous colours and woven designs, perfect for creating a lovely warm and snug feeling. Here at Kayu Home we offer a selection of Weaver Green throws and blankets for your home. From throws woven in vibrant, fresh colours, to textured, patterned blankets, our selection of Weaver Green blankets and throws is available in different sizes and colours to complement your home.

Beautiful throws with a sustainable secret

Luxurious, soft and with the same tactile qualities as cotton or wool, the material Weaver Green’s throws and blankets are made from might come as a surprise! These beautiful products are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles which means that not only are they great for the environment, but they’re also designed to resist stains and repel water. This doesn’t mean that they’re not as warm and cosy as traditional wool or cotton products and because they have all the soft qualities, Weaver Green throws are perfect for wrapping up in and beating the chill.

Weaver Green throws and blankets are available in a versatile selection of different sizes and textures, making them ideal for use around the home, in the garden or when out and about. Hammam throws, for example, are wonderful to use on your bed or sofa, or even as machine-washable blankets for picnics or sitting on at outdoor events.

Weaver Green’s blankets feel exactly like natural wool but with the added benefits of being durable, stain-resistant, sustainable and easy to keep clean. Last but by no means least, Weaver Green throws look stylish and inviting when arranged on an armchair, sofa or bed. Thanks to their water resistance and stain resistance, they are also perfectly suited for keeping cosy in the garden when the temperature drops.

Timeless products created with the environment in mind

With their wide range of beautiful throws, blankets and home textiles, Weaver Green has developed a collection of gorgeous products which not only look wonderful, they prevent recycled plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans. With each product containing up to 3000 salvaged plastic bottles, there’s never been a better way to help prevent harmful plastics from damaging the seas and the wildlife that lives there. People are important to Weaver Green too, and this is why they only work with weaving houses which are fully committed to the employment of skilled adults, fair pay and a comfortable working environment.

Warm and cosy throws in a diverse colour palette

Weaver Green throws feature a diverse palette of colours and designs, inspired by global influences from Scandinavia to North Africa and from Southern France to Ibiza. This eclectic mix ensures that there's a throw or blanket to complement any interior or garden setting, whether draped over a sofa, used as a cosy wrap on a chilly evening, or laid out for a picnic in the garden.

Incorporating these throws and blankets into your home or garden will enhance your space with a touch of elegance and comfort, whilst supporting a more sustainable lifestyle. The versatility and durability of the materials mean they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them a practical choice for any setting. With Weaver Green, you can enjoy the luxury of soft, inviting textiles while contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.

Shop for Weaver Green throws at Kayu Home

Here at Kayu Home we offer a beautiful selection of carefully chosen products designed to help you create a stylish and welcoming home. We aim to bring you the world’s very best sustainable homewares and as such are proud of our range of Weaver Green’s recycled throws and blankets.

Alongside our collections of textiles, homewares and accessories, we also have a stunning and ever-changing range of antique furniture sourced directly from China and India. In addition to our collections of antiques, we also offer reproduction furniture in designs made to replicate the beauty and elegance of traditional pieces.

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