Weaver Green Rugs

Weaver Green Rugs

There’s nothing like the feeling of a soft and cosy rug underfoot, and our collection of Weaver Green rugs offers a fabulous choice with beautiful options perfect for any room in your home. Ideal for creating cosy and calm environments, Weaver Green rugs are also great for the planet, as not only are they warm and soft to the touch, but they’re also made from recycled plastic bottles. As kitchen or hallway, or living room rugs and rugs for the fireside, the Weaver Green collection offers a range of brilliant ways to give your home an inviting feel.

The perfect Weaver Green rug for your room

Whether your home is traditional, or you prefer something contemporary, the range of Weaver Green rugs has the perfect design for your home. Weaver Green’s rugs are available in a diverse collection of woven patterns and textures.

Weaver Green is committed to creating eco-friendly rugs, throws and textiles which combine style, functionality, and environmental sustainability. Each rug, incredibly soft and cosy underfoot, is crafted from up to 3,000 recycled plastic bottles, demonstrating their innovative approach to repurposing waste into beautiful home furnishings.

Weaver Green rugs for any interior

Our range of Weaver Green rugs is available in varied sizes, with options available to fit any space, from small accent rugs and runners to large statement pieces that anchor a room. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, coupled with the durability of the materials, these rugs are suitable for every part of the home, including high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens, as well as outdoor spaces. This versatility is further enhanced by the rugs' durable, machine-washable nature, ensuring they are not only stylish but also practical for everyday living.

Choosing a Weaver Green rug is a great way to enhance your home without compromising on consideration for the environment. By using non-toxic dyes and recycled plastic bottles, Weaver Green significantly reduces its ecological footprint, offering products that are both eco-friendly and free of harmful substances.

Find the perfect Weaver Green rug at Kayu Home

At Kayu Home, we offer an exquisite range of rugs and floor coverings that seamlessly blend the old with the new. From our extensive range of Weaver Green rugs and floor-coverings to traditional and contemporary kilims and wool rugs, each piece in our collection has been woven from the finest reclaimed or sustainable materials.

Our floor coverings are carefully selected and sourced from across the globe, ensuring that each piece is as unique as it is environmentally responsible. From the soft underfoot luxury of handwoven rugs to beautiful and sustainable Weaver Green rugs, every item is selected to offer both style and functionality. These pieces are perfect for adding warmth to your living space, whilst bringing comfort and elegance into your home.

Purchasing from Kayu Home is simple and risk-free, with delivery to all UK mainland addresses. We also offer a 14-day cooling-off period and free returns, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are looking for something truly unique, we also provide a bespoke service, allowing you to commission custom-made furniture and accessories tailored to your exact specifications.

Explore our range where the beauty of vintage and reclaimed wood furniture meets the elegance of sustainable floor coverings. Whether you're looking to refresh your home with a new Weaver Green rug or seeking a durable floor runner, we offer a selection that promises not just quality and style, but a commitment to the environment and ethical sourcing.

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