NEW! View our latest soft furnishings, 100% recycled from plastic bottles

NEW! View our latest soft furnishings, 100% recycled from plastic bottles

We've expanded our product range with a wonderful range of cushions, throws, rugs and other soft furnishings from Weaver Green. The colourful collection is inspired by designs from across the globe, with clear influences from Africa, Scandinavia and the East to bring a mix of bright reds, yellows and blues along with more natural tones and delicate pastels. The result is a feast for the senses, with bold patterns and pleasing textures that will ehance any home.

Weaver Green Andalucia Cushions

Not only that but each product is extremely eco-friendly, being produced entirely from a yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Weaver Green rugs look and feel like wool, but each one is made up of up to 3000 used plastic bottles, while cushions and throws are made using exactly the same ingenious process. This helps to prevent millions of single use plastic bottles ending up in landfill sites, oceans or waterways.

The process uses several steps to turn disused plastic into the eye-catching products we now hold in stock. Bottles are first shredded into fine strips, heated and back combed to produce tiny fibres. These are then spun and stretched out to create the tough, soft yarn that is the basis for all of Weaver Green's products. The yarn is dyed using non-toxic dyes into a rainbow of different colours and dried ready for use. It is then spun on hand looms using traditional weaving methods to create a wonderful range of products to brighten up any home.

Darjeeling Throw

The use of recycled plastic has other benefits. Not only is the fabric soft to the touch but is is hard-wearing, stain resistant, easy to clean and of absolutely no interest to moths or other insects. The products can also all be used outdoors as well as indoors, making the cushions, rugs and throws ideal for use in the garden during the summer months, or for camping and picnics.

The new collection includes distinctively patterned Nomad rugs and cushions in bright reds and oranges, inspired by traditional middle eastern kilims, along with more subtle, Spanish designs in the Andalucia range, with soft blues and pinks. The striped Darjeeling throws and cushions will add a welcome splash of colour to any setting and soft, warm throws in a classic herringbone pattern are perfect to add a cosy feel to a sofa or favourite armchair, or to take the chill of the evenings outdoors.

View the full range online now, with all items in stock for fast delivery, and look out for more Weaver Green products soon.

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