The growing trend for vintage and antique

The growing trend for vintage and antique

There’s a nostalgic vibe in the world of interiors at present, with many of us exploring vintage and antique furniture as a way to bring a unique, eclectic look to our homes whilst minimising the use of the earth's precious resources. This increasingly popular trend not only brings a cosy, lived-in feel to an interior scheme but also takes into account the well-being of our planet. Younger and older generations alike are more and more desiring of products that fit in with a sustainable way of life, as well as looking for items that have their own individual character and story.

A staggering 10 million items of furniture are thrown out every year in the UK, as so many of us still buy cheap, flat pack furniture as a quick fix. However, attitudes do seem to be changing, with a gradual but definite shift away from the throw away society of recent years, with its cheaply made, mass produced products designed for the short term. This applies as much to furniture and interiors as it does to fashion, as consumers turn towards well-made, sustainable products that will last for decades rather than pieces that will end up in the tip or in landfill after bing replaced in just a few years.

Many of us are also growing bored of the uniform choices that the high street offers, with so many furniture stores and online retailers offering the same bland offering of nondescript, vanilla designs. We increasingly want our homes to have individualism and personality and this has led an increased enthusiasm for antique and vintage styling - reusing old, recycled and upcycled pieces in new and interesting ways.

There may always be a slight stigma attached to old items, particularly amongst the younger generation who may cringe at the thought of inheriting granny’s old brown furniture, but nowadays many of us are grateful and excited to receive treasured, family gems. More and more of us combining vintage furniture, either handed down or sourced online, with contemporary and modern interiors. Older, preloved and preused furniture can infuse your space with some old-world charm and texture, helping to create a unique and cosy haven of our home. The days of stark, minimalistic interiors with flimsy throw away furnishings seem to be numbered.

So, it’s out with the mass-manufactured pieces that look good for a short length of time but soon lose their shiny looks and appeal. Instead we are choosing beautiful recycled furniture, made by fine craftsmen the traditional way and built to last for decades. These wonderful, individual pieces of furniture have stood the test of time and are not only robust and aesthetically pleasing, but also come with an element of intrigue. Who previously owned it? Where was it first produced? What is it's history? The imperfections and interesting patinas that have formed on the surfaces add a timeless charm and appeal that can’t be replicated in new furniture and make each piece wonderfully individual.  

At Kayu Home, along with our wide range of reclaimed wood furniture, we source vintage and antique furniture from around the world, particularly China and India. Each item is carefully selected for its aesthetic appeal and practicality, with our main rule being that we have to love each item enough to want it in our own homes. We work with longstanding partners around Asia to ensure that every item is authentic and beautifully restored to give it a new lease of life, ready to bring enjoyment for years to come to its new owner.

As fashions change and we move through recessions, pandemics and other trials and tribulations, the antique market continues to thrive. With the online world and social media, it is now easier than ever to source that perfect piece of antique furniture and have it delivered to our home, meaning that more and more of us can benefit from and enjoy the beautiful furniture of yesteryear.

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