Caring for your furniture

Conditions for your furniture
Our reproduction furniture ranges are made from a variety of local woods that include elm, poplar, teak and pine. As with any solid wood furniture, changes in temperature and humidity can cause some shrinkage or expansion of the wood. This is most likely to happen within the first few months of receiving your furniture as it settles into a new environment. Although our use of reclaimed, well seasoned wood greatly reduces the risk of this happening, in some rare cases this movement can cause some cracking or splitting of the joins of an item. This can also occur in antique or vintage furniture when placed in a new environment - particularly one with large fluctuations in room temperature and humidity.

In order to minimise the risk of your furniture developing any cracks, we would recommend that you avoid placing your furniture too close to radiators, fireplaces or other heat sources. Do not place your furniture in strong, direct sunlight as this can lead both to shrinkage and to fading or discolouration of the furniture's finish.

Cleaning your furniture
Clean your furniture with a duster or dry, soft cloth. To remove any stains, use a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of too much water as this will affect the surface of your furniture. Apply a good quality, natural beeswax to the surface of our reclaimed elm, poplar, pine and teak furniture ideally every few months in order to maintain the finish and to keep your furniture in prime condition. Avoid the use of cheaper, spray-on waxes as these can affect the finish. Do not use any abrasive cleaning products or chemicals.

Protecting your furniture
Whilst our reclaimed wood furniture is hard-wearing, we would advise you not to place items such as lamps and ornaments directly onto the surface of the furniture unless they have a soft, padded base. Instead, use mats or fabrics on top of your furniture. Avoid placing hot mugs and other items directly on top of your furniture.

For further advice about caring for your furniture, please feel free to contact us.