The advantages of reclaimed wood furniture

The advantages of reclaimed wood furniture

Over recent years demand for good quality home decor, including well-made reclaimed wood furniture, has continued to grow. As with fashion and other industries, there is a definite trend away from the disposable and short-term as society increasingly values well-made products that have a lower impact on the environment and offer a more sustainable choice.

Furniture made from reclaimed wood fits into this trend perfectly, with the added benefit of using materials that are not only friendly to the environment but also have a rustic character that brings a real warmth and texture into the home.

Reclaimed wood furniture is essentially furniture made from timber that has already been used. In many cases the wood will have been used for old roof beams, joists and floorboards that are salvaged from buildings that are being pulled down for new development. Recycling wood in this way means that trees are not being cut down to provide new timber, and is a great way to use up resources that may otherwise end up being burnt or disposed of. For example, the wonderful coffee table shown above has been produced entirely using old wood, including an old door as the top surface.

As the surface of reclaimed wood is naturally aged and weathered it creates a totally unique texture that is impossible to replicate with new wood. The recycled nature of material means that it can include imperfections and signs of its previous use - uneven surfaces, marks or nail holes. In our view these are indications of the wood's previous life should be appreciated as such, adding to the unique character of every individual item of furniture.

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

There are a number of reasons to choose reclaimed wood furniture over newly made pieces, from a desire to be kind to the planet to a preference for a rustic style of interior. Below are just some of the advantages that we think make relaimed furniture such a popular choice for the modern home.

Friendly to the environment

The environmental benefits of reclaimed wood furniture are obvious. By recycling pre-used timbers, the number of trees needed to be cut down is reduced. Not only that but, as the old timber would otherwise have been put into landfill or burnt, by reusing it we can save on the resources needed to dispose of it and negate the carbon dioxide that would have been produced as a consequence.


It's previous life as a supporting beam, joist or floorboard gives the wood a character and charm that just isn't seen in newly cut timber. The material comes with its own history and personality, whether it's a beautiful grain and patina developed over the years, or old mortises and nail holes. So when you buy an item of reclaimed wood furniture you buy with it a part of that history. Reclaimed wood tends to have a denser, more textured feel that our carpenters will bring out further during the finishing process.

Stability and Durability

As the timber is taken from trees cut down decades or even centuries earlier, it is extremely well seasoned. This means that it is more stable and stronger than new wood, with much less chance of the wood splitting and cracking as it dries out. Although this means the wood can be harder to work with in furniture production, the final piece of furniture will be more robust and built to last.


Furniture made from reclaimed wood has a style and look that can fit into either traditional or modern interiors. The beautiful, rustic materials and finishes have a warmth and texture that complements everything from period townhouse to an industrial loft. Our solid wood dining tables are equally at home in a farmhouse style kitchen or more traditional dining room.

On Trend

Reclaimed wood furniture is now a big trend in interiors, having grown in popularity in recent years. As a society and particularly with recent events, we have started to move away from a throw-away, disposable culture to appreciate good quality, durable items that will last us well into the future. Reclaimed wood cabinets and tables fit this trend perfectly.

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