Decorative storage: transform your clutter

Decorative storage: transform your clutter

It’s quite human to aspire to a catalogue-perfect, always-tidy home. It’s more human still though to allow clutter to collect and to struggle to keep everything in place. When you’ve put an awful lot of thought and energy into the design of your home, it’s natural to want it to stay looking as well-arranged as the moment you put the finishing touches to your interior decor. However, busy lives rarely allow for that level of perfection.

The best way to combat clutter is to ensure your interior design includes the right storage: so you have a place for everything, and it’s easy to keep everything in that place. By cleverly incorporating suitable storage in your home, you’re more likely to be able to keep things clutter-free, with no need to compromise on your aesthetic either.

Our collections include lots of design-focused storage pieces which offer practical solutions in all shapes and sizes. We’ve chosen a selection based on the areas of untidiness we know many homes struggle with. Get ready to transform your clutter!

Hasa Industrial Storage Bench


If clutter starts right at the door of your home, it’s likely that it’s a jumble of shoes that’s blocking your path, or at least making things look immediately messy. By incorporating storage into a useful bench where you can take off your shoes, you’ll easily get into the habit of stowing them away as soon as you’re through the door.

Our smart Hasa Industrial Storage Bench is a great space saver, providing seating as well as storage perfect for shoes, or perhaps towels if used in a bathroom. The distressed iron frame is hand-soldered and the solid mango wood top provides a warm but natural tone to the finish.

Side cabinet

Hallway Clutter

Beyond the front door, it’s not unusual for the hall to become burdened with clutter such as handbags, gym kits, shopping, and items of outer clothing. A hall cabinet solely for the purpose of housing such jumble is an excellent way of keeping things tidy, as well as helping to keep things where they can be easily found when needed again.

This simple sideboard contains a single removable shelf inside, with plenty of space to add baskets to store smaller items. Each piece is individually made and unique, with a distressed black and blue finish.

Dando tray


If you’re one of the many people who can never find their keys when they need them, a tray on top of your hallway cabinet could save you lots of time and many a panic. A piece like this in the right location can help you form the habit of placing your keys in the same place every time you come home, so you always know where they are. Not to mention that things like keys, change and other pocket detritus can be unsightly when strewn at random.

Our Dando tray is available in two sizes and features a black interior etched with a traditional pattern, contrasting with an antique brass exterior.

Herbalist chest

CDs and DVDs

Even though some of us are using these less and less, many of us still have sizeable collections we’d like to keep hold of. In fact, there has been a recent revival of CDs so a smart place to store them is a must for anyone with a collection.

This beautiful, natural elm chest is a chic way to store CDs and DVDs as well as other small oddments cluttering up your living space. Made from solid reclaimed wood, the beautiful grain is made more pronounced through the finishing process.The drawers feature traditional dovetail joints and are fitted with blackened brass drop handles.

Hemp baskets

Surface clutter

Sometimes simply lifting clutter up off a surface is enough to make your space feel more tidy and less chaotic.

These Chapad Hemp Baskets are made with a strong loop to make them perfect for wall hanging, ideal for holding utensils in a kitchen or toiletries in a bathroom. Hand crafted from braided coils of hemp, their natural tones will blend beautifully with most interior aesthetics too.

Bedside cabinets


Our bedrooms should be a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation, so clutter and chaos have no place there. Many of us have more bedside litter than we realise and probably need more storage space to help keep things tidy and calm.

These striking bedside cabinets are made from mango wood, with the doors and drawers traditionally carved by hand with floral patterns by a small atelier in Jaipur. They feature an interior shelf in addition to the drawer, giving them generous storage space.The cabinets have been lightly whitewashed and given a distressed grey painted finish on the frames and sides, in contrast to the beautiful polished wood of the interior and top.

Blanket box

Foot of the bed

Spare bed linen, blankets and pillows have a habit of cluttering our bedrooms and taking up space untidily. However, they’re the sort of thing you’ll want close to hand when needed, which is why a blanket chest or trunk is a great addition to your bedroom furniture.

This reclaimed elm blanket box has a traditional half board lid rather than hinges, and also features large dovetail joints and classic Chinese 'horse hoof' feet. Its natural, rustic finish and pronounced grain is beautifully tactile, making the trunk a useful seat or storage surface too.

Coil basket

Personal clutter

A great method for keeping on top of all the other clutter around the house is to adopt a number of storage baskets.These could be allotted to particular rooms, types of items, or family members. By labelling a basket for each person in your home you can collect all their clutter from around the house into one place, ready for them to put back where it belongs.

These Indra Coil Baskets are made from natural fibres and have been naturally dyed using bark and vegetable extract.Their rigid shape is formed by a series of hand woven coils and makes them perfect for collating assorted jumble around your home. The handles are equally sturdy, made from goat leather which is hand stitched.

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