Creating light and space with mirrors

Creating light and space with mirrors

Most of us have a few strategically placed mirrors around our homes; vanity mirrors above bathroom sinks for toilette rituals, full length by the door to check our appearance as we leave the house for example. Mirrors shouldn’t be discounted as purely practical though, and can be used both as decorative features in their own right as well as to enhance a room by creating extra light and the appearance of more space. Here are our simple but effective ideas to use mirrors to create light and space in your own home.

Reflect light from an adjacent window

To create a soft glow of reflected light in any size of room, place a mirror adjacent to a window. The angle at which the mirror reflects the light will give a soft glow, creating extra light without causing glare.The larger the mirror, the more light will be created, so if your room is petite opt for a smaller mirror. If your window is north facing or obstructed by outdoor foliage though for example, go for a larger mirror to maximise the light. Pictured above, our Country Wall Mirror in natural elm and intricately-carved Dudi Mango Mirror.

Bounce light from an opposite window

To brighten up a large room, try hanging mirrors on the opposite wall to your window. Again, to create the most light possible, opt for the largest mirror that fits in the space, and if the extra light reflected is a little harsh you can soften with feathery house plants or soft window treatments. Pictured below, the elegant Imoma Full Length Arch Mirror with black iron frame, and the rustic Tariku Mirror made from reclaimed teak.

Light up a dark corner

Even the most well-proportioned rooms can suffer from dark corners that let the space down both aesthetically and practically. Brightening a dark area with an angled mirror and lamp combination will not only help you make the best use of the space, but will also create a feature of it and add to the personality of your room.

Bring the outdoors in

Create the effect of an additional window by carefully arranging house plants around a mirror to trick the eye. Greenery has such great benefits for improving the mood, and effectively doubling your house plants by creating their reflection can also enhance the sense of space just like a window does. Pictured below, our gorgeous Murzu Mirror made from an iron frame with distinctive three glass columns, and the simple round Modasa Mirror hung as part of a group.

Create a doorway

A large mirror in the right place can give the illusion of a doorway and extend the feeling of space beyond the walls of your room. Partitioned mirrors are especially effective in achieving this effect and should be hung as upright as possible.

Use multiple mirrors to fill a wall

Don’t be afraid to multiply the light and space effects mirrors offer by hanging several together.A carefully curated collection of mirrors will work as an exciting feature wall as well as reflecting the most possible light. Opt for mirrors of different shapes and sizes but match their frames to ensure the effect is cohesive.

Our range includes mirrors framed with warm and tactile reclaimed wood, as well as cooler and simpler iron frames. Choose from free-standing full length, wall hanging, over-mantle, and floor mirrors. Elegant and versatile, rectangular, arched, and round, we have the perfect mirror to create light and space in any home.

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